Sunshine Project

Healthy Body Healthy Mind



Sunshine Project is a voluntary organisation, founded by  Wen Cai who  brought Chinese  Culture such as Tai’chi,  Calligraphy and Painting to  the attention in the Northeast of the UK .


Sunshine project  aims to promote  Chinese 5000  years Culture and Civilisation to the  UK and gives the local people  a very good  opportunity to be benefited from Chinese  wisdoms and  philosophy. At the same time, it allows Chinese people to retain their culture and heritage, especially for Chinese new generation living in the UK.


Sunshine Project also  aims  to  create more opportunities to allow  everyone to involve in creating the wealth of society. It lets every one has a sense of ownership as being a British while they live in the UK and have a real pride of being a part of England.


Sunshine Project advocates to build up a  healthier, wealthier  and fairer society. It objects to racism, discrimination and greed. Sunshine Project believes, ‘Together we can create  a  Fairer, Healthier and Wealthier Society’.


Sunshine project has involved many organisation to allow more people to be involved in their activities.



Healthy Body Healthy Mind


The Sunshine Project is a voluntary body, founded by Ms Wen Cai who  came to the UK from Mainland China in 1999.


After discovering what little we really knew about China the second biggest financial market in the world, and a country with 5000 years of colourful culture, she set up a voluntary body called the Sunshine Project, which was established in 2005


Her vision  was to share her culture and experience with local communities &  Individuals, giving them an opportunity to benefit from the positive spirit and rich culture of 5000 years of Chinese Culture.


Her goal was to promote the concept of ‘Healthy Body and Healthy Mind’ by showing people how they can improve both themselves, and their family.


many of our activities are designed to reduce obesity & depression, through motivating and developing students  untapped strengths and skills helping them to realize their true potential


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